Interior living room with lamps

Switch to Energy-Efficient Home Lighting to Save on Your Bill


Did you know that all of the lights in your home add up to about 20% of your monthly electricity bill?  Here are some bright ideas that can help you save money on your lighting.

Ways to Save

  1. Purchase discounted energy-efficient LED lamps at various participating retailers around San Diego County, including home improvement, membership, and local market locations.
  2. Before you buy new lighting, see if you qualify for the Energy Savings Assistance program. Participants may receive new lighting and other energy-efficient appliances and services for free. See additional information on our assistance pages

Lighting Tips

  1.  Find CFL recycling locations and start recycling.
  2.  Get help choosing the best LED for your home:
  3. Download a free Light Bulb Finder iPhone and Android app that can help you determine the best lighting options for your use.
  4.  Energy Star’s lighting page provides user-friendly guidance for LED shoppers.
  5. Read the lighting facts labels on LED bulb packages. The label lists light output, lamp life, color appearance, and lamp wattage. LEDs use much less energy than incandescents and CFLs to produce light, so instead of selecting your bulb by wattage, you’ll choose it by its brightness, measured in lumens.