Frequently Asked Questions

西班牙&E supports customer choice and encourages you to evaluate all options. Regardless of which energy service provider you choose, 西班牙&E remains committed to providing safe and reliable delivery of energy.

For more information on customer rights, obligations and updates regarding CCA programs, 请浏览 California Public Utilities Commission 网站.


通常, if you reside within the CCA’s territory, you’re automatically enrolled in the CCA program on the next bill date after the CCA begins serving customers.  However, a CCA may choose to phase-in customer enrollment in the program.  CCAs are required to offer service to all residential customers and have the option to provide service to non-residential customers within its service territory.

The CCA will provide two notices during a 60-day period prior to the start of CCA service and at least two additional notices during a 60-day period after the start of CCA service. These notifications will include how you can opt out of the program if you choose.


Always contact us to start or stop electric service.  To start or stop service 点击这里  或打电话 1-800-411-7343.  

If you move to a city or county that has established a CCA program, you’re automatically enrolled in the CCA program on the date you start service. You’ll receive at least two notifications from the CCA during the initial 60-day period after you start service.  These notifications will include how you can opt out of the program if you choose.

For information on active CCAs in our territory click 在这里.

In some cases, customers in neighboring communities are located within the CCA’s jurisdictional area.  This may be the case if you reside in an unincorporated area of a county. If you believe your service location is ineligible for CCA service, please contact the CCA that sent you the program information.

No, your gas service will remain unchanged. If you receive your gas service from us, you’ll continue to see your gas charges on your bill.  You can contact us for any gas service requests.

项目 and Services

For CCA customers, 西班牙&E will continue to manage the transmission, distribution and delivery of electricity. This includes providing billing, metering, collection and 客户服务s. Additionally, CCA customers will still be able to access 我的账户 . 项目 such as California Alternate 利率 for Energy (CARE), 医学基础, 水平薪酬计划, and some demand response and energy efficiency programs are still available to CCA participants. The CCA may offer different programs than those provided by us.

以下可持续发展目标&E programs and pricing plans are not available for CCA participants:

  • 直接访问 
  • CPP Event Day pricing plans like Time-of-Use-Plus or Critical Peak Pricing

If you choose to purchase electricity through a CCA, you'll be removed from these programs or pricing plans.


是的. We’ll continue to provide billing, metering collection, 客户服务, and other services to customers participating in a CCA program. Each month, the CCA will calculate its charges for electric generation and send them to 西班牙&E. We’ll then include the CCA electric generation charges on your monthly 西班牙&E法案.  After we receive customer payments, we’ll transfer payments for CCA charges to the CCA.

Also note that if you take service from a CCA, you’ll no longer pay our rates for electric generation; instead you pay the CCA’s generation rates. A CCA may charge different electric generation rates than 西班牙&E, which can change your overall electric bill.  For more information on your combined energy bill 访问我们的 “Understanding your combined energy bill”  page. 

If you’re receiving electric generation from a CCA, you’ll receive a consolidated bill from 西班牙&E that includes both the electric delivery charges from us and the electric generation charges from your CCA. These charges will appear as separate line items on the bill, and both will be included in the total amount due. 

For more information on your combined energy bill 访问我们的 “Understanding your combined energy bill”page.


Participants in a CCA will not pay 西班牙&E’s electricity generation charges, but instead will pay the CCA’s electric generation charges. The electricity for everyone participating in the CCA will be delivered using our electrical transmission and distribution system. Regardless of the 电 Service Provider, everyone is required to pay 西班牙&E delivery charges, whether the electricity is purchased from 西班牙&E或CCA. For a comparison of 西班牙&E和CCA费率; 访问我们的 joint rate comparison page. 

The Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) is not a new charge. All customers in 西班牙&E’s service territory have been paying the PCIA to cover the costs of older long-term energy contracts. For customers whose electricity is provided by 西班牙&E, the PCIA is bundled in with 西班牙&E’s electricity generation charges.  

The PCIA helps to ensure that all customers (regardless of who procures energy on their behalf) pay their portion of legacy contract costs. 西班牙&E entered into energy contracts on behalf of their customers based on their needs at the time. Even though many customers have since transitioned to CCAs for their commodity service, 西班牙&E is still responsible for paying for the costs of the contracts.   

The California Public Utilities Commission requires a separate line item on the bill for the PCIA charge as a way to raise awareness that all customers are responsible for paying for the costs of legacy contracts.  As of November 1, 2021, all customers’ bills include a PCIA line item.  

The portion of 西班牙&E’s generation rate that needs to be recouped through the PCIA depends on the year that your CCA began serving electric generation in your city. This year is your vintage rate. 

While your vintage year remains the same, the PCIA charge for the vintage year will likely change annually. 安排CCA-CRS provides information on the current PCIA charges by vintage year.

If you have questions about the 西班牙&E charges on your bill, you should contact us at 1-800-411-7343.  Also contact us if you have questions related to changes to your pricing plan, or CARE and 医学基础.  

If you have questions about the CCA charges on your bill, CCA rates or programs, you should 联系您的CCA. 

You can reach Clean Energy Alliance at 1-833-232-3110.

You can reach San Diego 社区 Power at 1-888-382-0169.   

Customers should call 西班牙&E或参观 MyAccount to request a pricing plan change.

Opt-out Information

访问我们的 Opt-out request page 了解更多. 


Net Energy Metering

If your city or county participates in a CCA and you are a NEM customer, you will automatically be enrolled in the CCA's NEM program, if one is available. 西班牙&E will perform an initial 调准 when you are enrolled in the CCA. This ensures that you will have the same anniversary date on both the 西班牙&E and CCA NEM programs. 西班牙&E will continue to calculate your monthly charges or credits for delivery charges and will perform an annual 调准 of those charges and credits. The CCA will be responsible for determining your generation-related charges and credits.

社区 Choice Aggregators (CCAs), purchase or generate electricity on behalf of customers. If your electricity is purchased by a CCA and you also generate your own solar energy, your CCA sets the price for the energy exported from your solar system, as well as the cost for energy imported to your home. Please refer to your CCA for more information about import and export pricing. 

西班牙&E的新经济政策关税, as approved by the California Public Utilities Commission, states that a 调准 must occur for NEM/SBP customers at the time of their transition to a new electric service provider. This 调准 results in a new anniversary date.

You are assigned a new anniversary date on the date you transfer to your new electric service provider and this date is unable to be changed.

After you transition to a CCA program, 西班牙&E will begin calculating the rolling or export credits for electric delivery only. Your generation credits will be maintained by your CCA. If you have questions about the CCA charges or credits on your bill, you will need to 联系您的CCA 直接. 

As a NEM/SBP customer, you will continue to true up annually. After transitioning to a CCA program, you will no longer receive excess generation export credits from 西班牙&E. Your CCA program will calculate your charges and credits and any applicable credit will be handled by your CCA.  If you have any questions about your NEM/SBP excess generation or generation export credit payout, you will need to 联系您的CCA 直接.